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Why Choose Us

Owner and Founder of Skosh Tiny Living, Jeff Krohne, started building houses at 12 years old by spending the summers with his grandpa and helping with the family business. From middle school through high school, Jeff spent his summers learning and mastering his craft. In the winter months he spent his time learning guitar and making websites. Thought and love are put into all of his creations. 



California Cabin

A 240 square feet tiny house on wheels built by Skosh Tiny Living in Chippewa Lake, Ohio.

  • Quality products equal quality of life.
  • Creating innovative tiny & small living space solutions.
  • Tiny Home Construction with Space Saving Design.
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In 2006, Jeff shifted from building houses when he made his first solar installation. For solar energy to be viable, houses would have to be smaller. A decade ago, solar panels did not have the high voltage and input that we do now. But that first installation led him on a journey about energy consumption and maintaining a normal life. Jeff’s research was disappointing. When the recession hit in 2008, energy companies began researching ways to conserve, and the public learned how important it was to conserve as well. The shift in the belief system of both the public and the economy has made living tiny a responsible and feasible endeavor. 

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Jeff continued to find meaning and purpose in this world, and he slowly realized that slimming down was the right answer. He wanted to travel without the burden of building when he went through the United States. Living tiny became his answer. High quality materials were made available. Solar was making advances in technology. Technology itself was becoming available. Living tiny was becoming socially acceptable too. Jeff isn’t the only one who wants to live responsibly, but he wants others to fulfill their tiny goals too. His solid beliefs in energy conservation is what motivates Jeff, and he knows it motivates other people too. So regardless of income, Jeff wants everyone to live in a high quality, custom-built, and comfy home. 

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